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Clear View Designs display cases are museum quality and not kits! There is nothing museum quality about a display case kit. Each of our display cases are hand built to customer specifications and shipped complete and fully assembled. Nothing to buy, sand or stain. When shopping for a display case, ask the company you maybe buying from the following questions;

1. Does your display case come complete and fully assembled?
2. Does your display case come with glass and what thickness is it?
3. Does your display case come finished and sealed with polyurethane?
4. Can you build my case to my specification?
5. Can you do custom sizes at no extra charge?
6. What thickness is your wood base?
Can I have solid brass angle instead of wood trim?
8. What type of wood base can I choose from?
9. Can my case be taller than 40 inches?
10. Does your case allow easy access to my model or item inside?

Kit display cases come unassembled and do not include glass, stain or finish. Buying glass at your local glass shop can be very expensive. So you should always price out the glass before you buy a kit.

We build each case on demand. There are so many different sizes in the modeling and collectibles world that we do not have a set size. We want your case to fit your model or item perfectly.

We like to say: "a custom case without the custom price." Some benefits of our cases include a solid 3/4 inch wood base to mount your model on securely. Other kits come with just a 1/4 inch thick base. We can make our bases any length or width. Other companies sell stock widths and lengths so your model may get lost or cramped in the case.

We use only 1/8" double-strength glass, not the 1/16 inch picture frame glass you may find in some other cases. Our glass tops are crafted as one-piece fully assembled. All you have to do is lift the glass top, install your model and you're done. With some wood framed cases you have to remove the glass panels from the wood frame to get the model in or out then put it back together with four small screws in the top corners of the wood frame.

Our display cases come with a solid brass angle on all edges of the glass top. This provides added stability for the case, more visibility for your model and overall, a nice clean look.

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